Pregnancy varies with every woman. No pregnancy, nor woman is the same. Some women glow radiantly with good health and vitality, some may feel absolutely horrid and miserable, others may even face health complications unexpectedly. From a personal perspective, I experienced an eventful pregnancy along with an emergency c-section and unwanted pregnancy pounds to boot. So, I can identify and know all too well the struggles one can face when embarking on a healthy and active lifestyle.

Utilizing my advantages, I put my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Nutrition (Dietetics) into play. Keish is equipped with veritable facts pertaining to nutrient and ingredient content, so I'm winning. Use it or lose it.. literally. I simply began attacking the baby fat, reclaiming my health and figure. It's not all about eating, heart healthy exercise is extremely key too!

With a knowledgeable background and personal struggle, I decided to create Motiweightion, sharing my personal experiences exposing the many obstacles that one can face when attaining health & fitness goals. Motiweightion was created to offer inspiration, motivation and education while documenting my personal lifestyle, taking health into my own hands. Because at the end of each and everyday, Keish' is the only one that stands in her way.

Downright, if you want to lose weight safely and effectively, you need to change your lifestyle. You must re-evaluate your eating (80%) & exercise (20%) habits by applying the right tools, methods and steps. By simply making these changes, you can dramatically change your Lifestyle (100%) for a Lifetime!

To Better Yourself - You Must Go Through Health...


May 2, 2017: Lucky #7

I'm wrapping up my 27th week entering my last and final trimester this wknd. its amazing what my body has achieved and is still achieving. 7 months into my 1st pregnancy I was already up 70 some odd pounds!

March 21, 2017: 5 Months & Counting...

I'm at the end of my 5th month of pregnancy. I'll be 6 months next week. Many have asked me if I'm still remaining active or lifting weights while I'm pregnant. The answer is I most certainly am!

August 21, 2016: Why Wait For New Years???

Let's Start the Resolutions NOW!!! Whether one hopes are to feel better, look better, have more energy, or just overall health – healthy weight loss and healthy weight management relies on goals and expectations that are reasonable and realistic...

August 19, 2016: 08/2015 - 08/2016

1-year progress and a non-scale victory. I fit into an old bikini from my 20s!! After abandoning my Instagram page for many months, I returned Sept. 2015 to post my SECOND... post baby progress.