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Keish' Kapeesh

It’s not just my birthday week. It’s also International Thyroid Awareness Week!

The thyroid is a gland in your neck which regulates your metabolism and can have wide ranging effects if it becomes diseased. Your thyroid is integral for the sheer fact it controls your hormones, energy levels, body temp, ability to lose/gain weight, ability to conceive, your mood, brittle nails, hair loss and more. People just don’t realize the impact it can have on your body when the thyroid is not functioning properly. However, both an overactive and underactive thyroid can be diagnosed with a blood test and are usually easily treated.

I was diagnosed in 2011 with hypothyroidism, (under-active thyroid, the most common thyroid disorder indicating your body isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones) during my first pregnancy based on a single blood test (TSH and T4). My OB initially ordered bloodwork due to severe edema, fatigue and abnormal weight gain, a 25+ lb gain (104 lbs in total) in between a single prenatal visit (2 weeks) during my third trimester.

After the referral from my OB to an endocrinologist, an ultrasound was performed to confirm that I had #hashimotos. I then started on Levo (hormones) right after that very first appointment. Six weeks after I began taking Levo my endo did a second blood test. During that visit, I was then tested for antibodies. Once on treatment, obtaining optimal thyroid hormone levels, not just being 'in range' is important, as well as checking thyroid antibodies to check if the condition is autoimmune.

Before being diagnosed, and getting the right treatment. I was not educated on what any of this stuff meant and I'm here to change that. My advice to people is to research, advocate yourself, and be well informed during appointments with your doctor or endocrinologist. When you are well informed you can then form an opinion about what treatment you want.

Over the last decade, my thyroid/hormone health issues, tests, meds, etc.. have been a constant struggle, yet empowering. It motivates me to persevere despite setbacks. Between weight fluctuation and finding the right medication/dosage (treatment) can feel never ending. For the past 15 months, I’ve been working with my #endocrinologist, tweaking intake and working out persistently at home (Ring-fit is official). I got my mojo back and things back under control to my liking. Remember, you're still in control. No matter what, you got this! #healinghashimotos

Invest in yourself. Invest in your health. Know and understand what’s going on with your body and why. Get a checkup, get screened.

About Keish'

My body of work and creation of “Motiweightion” has been devoted to making a positive impact in this skewed, overly saturated world of comparison and confusion pertaining to healthy living. An insightful resource—no overwhelming, misleading or useless information, yet practical practices that any individual can follow to live a healthy, and more happier, sustainable, self-confident life.

Motiweightion empowers people to empower themselves. I use my journey as a timeline to illustrate that it’s usually never a linear path to a (whole)full and healthy life. Everyone experiences struggles and everyone experiences setbacks. It’s all about how you choose to approach and proceed is what ultimately matters. It’s been proven, simple behavior changes can significantly improve and impact anyone’s life as they have mine by harnessing the ability to relentlessly self-discover, heal and bounce-back when hardships and roadblocks arise.

Motiweightion was created to engage, equip, educate and empower people (especially busy, stressed-out mommies) to live a life of improved confidence and quality of health. As an ACE-certified Health and Wellness coach, I empower health transformation through behavior modification. I partner with my clients to help form simple healthy habits based on their individual health goals for leading healthier lifestyles—improving the quality of their lives.

Keisha H-Riley

Integrative Behavioral Health Provider, MSPSY, CHC, ACE-Certified Health Coach

As an ACE-certified Health Coach with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling MSPsy, and health enthusiast. Keish understands that fitness, nutrition, and mental health are completely interlaced. She also understands that achieving wellness is something you have to work for every single day in every single decision you make—for a lifetime. Most importantly, it is the caring of our own bodies, and minds that make us stronger every day.

Sometimes, though, it takes a personal experience to make that click. For Keish it was her own wellness journey and subsequent weight loss after becoming a mommy and struggling with medication side effects which caused significant weight gain. Keish beat those odds surrounding her health including; epilepsy, obesity and adversity building her own relentless—resilient life. Keish’ personally understands how challenging it is to make healthier lifestyle choices while under the stress of the many obstacles life throws our way. Busy mom (spouse) life! Crazy career life! Hectic student life! Couch potato life! Health hassles!!

Through online content, public speaking and coaching, Keish shares wellness, fitness, and nutrition expertise for those looking for deeper change. She has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to take first steps toward realizing their fullest potential and greatness within. She understands the importance of modeling healthy behaviors for the future generations. Her work and training reflects her courage, beliefs and perspectives.

Motiweightion is about transforming and empowering lives through a behavior modification program that pairs a science-based realistic approach to wellness with inclusive one-on-one, health coaching. I provide integrative "holistic" wellness, wellness coaching, guidance, and accountability in support of you making a complete behavior change, making realistic changes in your lifestyle. I partner with you, guiding you through each phase of your behavior modification journey to improve your overall health, modify health habits, and enhance mental and emotional wellbeing to live a healthier life with long lasting results.